This new eight-lane road is a significant infrastructure development that aims to improve connectivity and alleviate traffic congestion between Delhi and Gurugram. Here's a summary of the key points you've mentioned:


Project Overview: The Dwarka Expressway is an under-construction eight-lane road connecting Dwarka in Delhi to Kherki Daula Toll Plaza in Gurugram, Haryana. The project is about 27.6 km long and is expected to open to the public in the coming months.


Tree Replication: The project is unique in that it has replicated around 1,200 trees, a first for similar projects in India. This effort highlights a commitment to environmental preservation.


Purpose and Benefits: The Dwarka Expressway is designed to serve as an alternate route between Delhi and Gurugram, aiming to ease traffic congestion on the existing Delhi-Gurugram Expressway. It is expected to significantly reduce travel time, connecting Dwarka to Manesar in just 15 minutes and Manesar to IGI Airport in 20 minutes.


Engineering Feat: The expressway showcases modern engineering excellence, featuring an eight-lane grade-separated route, three-lane service roads, crossroad underpasses, and multi-level interchanges.


Connectivity: The project will improve connectivity to various important locations, including the upcoming India International Convention and Expo Centre in Sector 25, Dwarka. It also provides direct access to IGI Airport through an 8-lane shallow tunnel.


Road Details: The Dwarka Expressway is the third direct connecting route between Delhi and Gurugram, following NH-8 and Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road. It will span 18.9 km in Gurugram and 10.1 km in Delhi.


Green Initiatives: The project includes plans for improved green cover, including the creation of two urban forests using the Japanese Miyawaki technique along the expressway. These forests will be significantly denser and taller than typical woodlands.


Future Developments: The Haryana Roadways plans to build a new interstate bus station near the highway, promoting further growth and trade in the area.


The Dwarka Expressway project holds the promise of enhancing connectivity, reducing travel time, and contributing to environmental conservation. It's an example of significant infrastructure development that can have a positive impact on urban transportation and the region's overall development.