During the past ten years the various governments in India have been engaged in the development of the infrastructure in the country which had slackened pace in the previous decade due to some political instability in the country and the storm of controversies and scams which rocked the country. All work on the construction of roads and other transportation infrastructure had come to a stop as no one was risking releasing funds for any developmental work. However during that period one highway which was sanctioned and finished was the Yamuna Expressway connecting the Capital to the most popular tourism destination in the country namely Agra.

The Yamuna Expressway was one of the major highways conceived by the UP state government in 2001 but due to the frequent change of governments in the state it could not be implemented till 2007 when the work finally started on the construction of the highway by the Jaypee Infratech Ltd.  Constructed at a cost of 12789 crores the Expressway was completed in mid 2012 and was considered one of the best in the country. It is the 3rd longest Expressway in India and spans a distance of almost 166 kms from Pari Chowk in Greater Noida to Kuberpur in Agra.  The construction of the highway shortened the time taken from Delhi to Agra by almost 50%  and also benefitted Faridabad tremendously. The Expressway also shortened the driving time from Faridabad to Agra by almost one and half hour as there was a direct connection to the expressway from Faridabad.  Now that road is also being converted to an expressway connecting the sectors 97 and 98 to Noida and the Yamuna Expressway even more efficiently and swiftly. 

In a  trial run for military aviation a Mirage 2000 jet of the Indian Airforce was landed on the highway in 2015 near Mathura signaling a revolution in the construction of quality expressways in India.