The Project

AS the city of Faridabad grows it is ensuring that the growth is going to be all round and expansive. The city administration is doing everything in its  power to ensure that no aspect of daily life is left unattended. As a matter of fact a very comprehensive plan for the development of the city has been drawn up and is being implemented by the Government. This plan is overseeing the construction not only the residential requirements of the city but also the commercial and other aspects like the infrastructural development, the development of schools, hospitals, roads, railways and many more small details. Under this plan an additional land mass of almost 35000 acres of additional land has been set aside in Greater Faridabad for new residential projects. Amongst these projects is a small but very cute project of residential plots in Faridabad being developed in sector 98 called Neal City.  These plots in Faridabad are being developed according to the conditions of the  Deen Dayal Jan Awas Yojana. The plots are being developed on a total plotted area of 14 acres of land and there are 245 plots in the project in sizes ranging from 110 sq. yards to 160 sq. yards. All of these are passed for the construction of stilt + 4 floors making them suitable for luxury builder floor projects too.

The Location

The location of any residential project must have two very important facilities for them to be considered as viable projects by the buyers. These two factors are the availability of wide roads and one or more public transport system. The roads in Greater Faridabad are very spacious and wide in accordance with the Master Plan of Faridabad focused on the next ten years. The public transport system is the Delhi Metro with a station at Badhkal More just ten minutes away.

Availability of Basic Comforts

Besides the above mentioned important facilities there are at least another two factors which are important also and these are good schools and good hospitals for quality healthcare and quality education. These factors in Greater Faridabad are very easily met and acquired as there are a number of good schools in this city to cater to the ever increasing population and many more are coming in . There are at least three of the best hospitals in the greater Faridabad area like the Accord Hospital and the  Amrita Hospital to provide quality health cover.

The Amenities in Neal City

The Neal city project is going to be provided with the following  amenities:-

There is to be security at the gate and via CCTV coverage in the compound.

The roads will be paved and street lights will be installed by them.

•       They will provide the water to the plots.

There is to be garbage collection service on daily basis.

Parking is in front of the units or under stilts if so constructed.

Rainwater harvesting is included.

There will be one central large park and one smaller one to cover for entire project.

A commercial area has also been set aside for shops to create a market.

The price of the plots in Neal City is in the range of 42000 to 45000 per square yard depending on the size of the project and a subsidy is also being offered for first time home owners.