In modern times investing in real estate has become a very profitable and popular business.  There are a number of fields in which you can become an investor. There is the possibility of Joint ventures, wholesaling; construction and property management fields open to a person who wants to pick Real Estate Investment as a business.  It is one business which does not require a higher education.

Success in real estate generally depends upon a few factors which the successful real estate investors have ingrained in themselves.

1. The first step in real estate management is to make a business plan. As with any other business having a business plan is an essential part of establishing a real estate investment business.  This business can be complicated and demanding and may need patience so having a good business plan is always a good idea.

2. The second step is to get to know the market. A market study always will give you a perspective of the demand and supply factors prevalent in the region. You have to be knowledgeable about what is trending both in commercial as well as residential segments of the real estate market.

3. Select your own niche. You have to select the area of real estate business which you want to be specialized in.  It is better to be the master of one segment and really immerse oneself in it and become the master of that segment. This will help you to develop your own market reputation as an expert in particular segment.

4. Be honest in your dealings. This is one of the most important steps in establishing yourself as a reputation as an honest dealer will take you very far and earn you not only respect but also loyalty of your customers.

5. You have to understand the risks involved in the investment business in real estate. Sometimes some deals may be risky and also lead you in a situation of a loss.  Generally it is said that the business can only earn you profit but that is not true so a prudent investor takes steps to minimize the risks involved.

6. Build a network of your partners, mentors, clients, members of nonprofit organizations, field experts to create opportunities for real estate investments.  

7. Always hire a professional accountant to take care of your accounts as tax laws can be complicated and an accountant can be worth his weight in gold with his specialized knowledge.

So the business is a challenging business requiring EPF i.e. Expertise, Planning and Focus as it deals with connections with people and you integrity and honesty will always take you far in this business.