The Project

When Faridabad started to develop in the 21st century there was a new trend which became very popular as a  commercial project in the city. This was the development of large scale commercial complexes in the shape of Shopping cum office complexes or the SCo’S.  These projects had been seen in India for the first time in Chandigarh. The development of Faridabad brought this trend into prominence in the city and a number of such projects were sanctioned by the Faridabad administration in keeping with the policy of modernizing the city. Many large scale builders started to construct such commercial projects in the different sectors of Greater Faridabad. One of these large scale construction companies involved in the development and construction of such projects is the Puri Constructions. One of the main commercial projects which the company has developed in Greater Faridabad is the Puri High street project  in sector 81.  This project has been constructed on 4 acres of land on the main road of sector 81 and consists of 350 unit of shops cum offices in Faridabad sector 81 in different sizes ranging from 350 sq.ft to 1200 sq ft.

The location

Sector 81 is a very well placed sector in Greater Faridabad. It has a great advantage in connectivity as the approach roads to the sector are all very spacious and wide. Even the main approach roads to the sector from the older part of the city are very wide . The sector can be reached in ten to 15 minutes from the Delhi Badarpur Border. Besides that the Metro connectivity is also very great as the nearest Metro station at the Bata Chowk is just less than 2 kms away and it takes hardly 3 minutes to reach the station.

The Advantages of location for Puri High Street

The factors which affect the success of a commercial project are different from those of a residential one. IN a commercial project there is the importance of number of residential units surrounding the project. The more the number of residential units the better for the project. In the case of Puri High Street 81 there are at least 20000 households in a surrounding area of 5 kms from the project site. These units are in the shape of the multi level projects in Greater Faridabad as well as the sectors across the Agra Canal like the sectors 14, 15 , 16, 17 and sector 8 and 9.  So the footfall to Puri High Street 81 is assured.

The amenities in Puri High Street 81:-

Security both at the entrance as well as via CCTV Coverage.

The roads in the complex are paved and street lights are installed.

There are small gardens throughout the complex with some live water Bodies also spread out at 

Various places in the complex.

There is sufficient parking available for shop owners and visitors

24 hour water supply to the shops and offices is ensured.

Power back up is there for emergencies and power fall out.

The price of the shops in Puri High Street 81 is in the range of 7500 to 10500 per square foot.