Amongst the 28 construction companies active in Faridabad in the construction of various high rise and other residential projects is one company with 2 affordable high rise projects in sector 78.   This company has been active in Gurgaon and also in Goa and has delivered some really attractive and magnificent projects. They have the experience in the construction of high rise projects gained over a number of years they have been working at different locations throughout India. 

The Conscient group has two projects of affordable flats in Faridabad under construction and in different phases of completion in sector 78.  One project is the Conscient Habitat and the other is Conscient Habitat Residences.  Conscient Habitat Residences is a project also of 2 BHK and 2BHK +1U flats in the affordable category. This project is located just few hundred yards away from the other Conscient Habitat Project. This project is being constructed on 5.08 acres of land and has 732 flats as compared to 1120 flats in Habitat.  These flats in Faridabad have carpet areas ranging from 517 sq.ft to 645 sq.ft with wide balconies which make the flats more spacious looking and give them beautiful views of the surrounding area. The project is progressing nicely and is expected to be delivered by 2023.

When choosing a location for any affordable housing project the promoters have to be extra cautious as they have to keep certain factors in mind like the availability of public transport in easy accessibility as well as medical aid and good educational facilities.  In all these parameters the Conscient Habitat Residences meets the requirements. Bata Station of the Delhi Metro the best public transport system in the NCR is just 5 to 7 minutes away. This transport system connects the entire national capital region to each other.  It connects to Delhi, Gurgaon and also to Noida and is being further extended to other outlying towns. There are a number of hospitals like the Sarvodaya Hospital and Metro Heart Institute which are in very easy reach and also there are a number of world class schools to provide exceptional education to the kids. These schools like the Delhi Public School and Aravali International School are well known in India and have branches in a range of 5 to 7kms from sector 78. 

As we all know that the amenities of any large residential project also have a very important role in deciding the fate of the project. In this case all the facilities are also available beginning with the security arrangements at the gate of the complex. Following these there are all other facilities like the paved roads inside the compound; street lights; fire protection equipment in the towers; 24 hour water supply to the flats; garbage collection and car parking facilities which are all present in this project. There are also some more like a beautiful garden for leisure activities; rainwater harvesting system; power back up for the lifts and general areas and also a commercial wing so that the residents can avail of their daily needs inside the compound. 

The prices of the flats in Conscient Habitat Residences are in the range of 22 lacs to 27 lacs depending on the flat size and the location on the tower.  The PMAY also offers a subsidy scheme of up to 2.67 lacs depending on certain preconditions.