Whenever a person thinks of buying a home we often feel that  people who are looking for their own home have a picture of  their home and look for something which is  ready to move and after paying for it they just move in with bag and baggage.  

However there is another train of thought and that is to look for a property which is not ready to move but has just been launched or is in its pre launch stage or one which is under construction.  What exactly is the difference between these two is what needs to be looked into. A new launch property which is actually just been launched and is still in the initial stages of construction maybe just with the foundations having been laid.   The advantages of this is that the builders  and promoters are announcing and providing special discounts in its initial stages to get the people to purchase this property.  Under construction properties are those which are past their new launch and are into their second phase.

The advantages of buying a new launch project are that the builders offer heavy discounts during this stage to try to popularize it and to sell it. So if you are buying in the pre launch stage then you can end up saving a lot of money before the schemes dry out and the prices of the property start to increase. People who purchase a property during pre launch generally end up with the best deals.  Another advantage is that the new launch buyers generally end up having a choice in the location of their flat in terms of location or floor. 

However a word of warning! Buy only new launch projects of builders with a good reputation otherwise you may end up  with something which may take years to complete or lose your money totally if the construction company is unable to sell the  property and ends up with financial troubles in completing their project.