Life in the big cities of India is changing in the modern times.  More high rise apartment houses are being constructed and many more people are moving into such high rise apartment buildings compared to earlier times when low rise independent homes were the preferred choices for majority of the population.

The advantages of living in a high rise residential society are as follow:

·        High rise society is mostly having a number of extra amenities which individual low rise communities do not have like a Swimming Pool, a Clubhouse, sports facilities like tennis and badminton courts etc.

·        Security arrangements are another feature of high rise societies which are generally not provided round the clock in the low rise residential areas.

·        Views in the low rise are generally very limited. In High rise societies the views from the apartments located on the higher floors are generally fantastic and breathtaking.

The disadvantages are:

·        Absence of privacy: generally in a high rise society you are surrounded by neighbors on all sides. So there is an absence of privacy.

·        If you are living on the upper floors of a high rise you may have problems in case of power failure to reach the upper floors by climbing the stairs.

·        There is a limitation on the outdoor space available and to avail that space you have to go down to the common garden or compound if you are an outdoors fan.

·        Keeping pets is restricted in some of the high rise societies so this can be a problem in case you are an avid pet lover.


     So always be careful of your needs when you are thinking of buying or shifting into your own home in any high rise apartment house.