Buying a home is perhaps one of the most important decisions in a man’s life after the decision of choosing his life partner. In certain ways it is almost like choosing a life partner as the home also has to be a part of your life generally till the last day of your life. So what are the most important things to consider before you buy a home?

1. Location of The Home: The first most important point is its location. This has to be such that it gives you easy access to the public transport facilities, educational facilities, place of worship, recreation, friends, family and work. 

2. The Size of The Plot: You have to check the size of the lot according to your life’s requirements. You must be able to build a minimum number of rooms with comfortable and good sizes so that your life style is not cramped. Check if you can have a lawn, parking space etc before your decide.

3. Number of Bedrooms : You must choose a home in which you have an extra room available for guests if you get some without having to be put out of your comfort space.

4. Number of Bathrooms: Always pick a home with at least 2 bathrooms not one as in India an extra bathroom is a very important requirement.

5. Size and Layout of The Kitchen: You must check the size of the kitchen and its layout as Indian lifestyle gives great importance to a large kitchen as our food requires longer cooking times and our ladies spend the majority of their time in the kitchen. 

6. The Age of The House: You must check how old the house is as with time the structures lose their strength and safety. So be prepared to carry out the necessary repairs before moving in.

7. Maintenance Cost: you must take into account the cost of the annual maintenance of the house as if the home is too old it might cost you a very tidy sum in the annual maintenance.

After taking all this into account you have naturally to also take into consideration to look at least a couple of options according to your budget. Please also check that the house is free from any type of liability.