Renovating a house is a major exercise requiring a lot of care and cost. Generally the first time construction of a house is easily carried out but in the renovation of the home the job is much tougher and requires more thought. The reasons is that you have lived a long time in the same house and when you decide to renovate you have probably realized your mistakes and are willing to  change them and to give the home your own individuality. However there are a few things you have to be careful of avoiding when you are renovating your home.

Textured walls or Wallpapers: Do not go in for too many textured walls or wall papers as this may lead to additional cost for the new owners in case you ever think of selling your property for any reason. It requires more work and higher cost to finish the walls of textured nature if anyone decides to change the décor. This will diminish the resale price of your home.

Combining bedrooms: Do not combine two bedrooms into one to have a more spacious master bedroom as many people are prone to doing.  People generally prefer a bigger master bedroom but an extra room or bedroom is always providing more value to a property than having one larger master bedroom.

Built in Electronics: Many people go in for built in electronic appliances in their home. However if you are forced to sell your home the value of these inbuilt electronic appliances can be detrimental to the value of your property as the new buyer may not be a fan of such innovation and would definitely not offer to give you the appropriate value of these appliances.

There are many other things like additional luxurious appliances in the washrooms, conversion of bedrooms into walk in closets, luxurious kitchens and central air-conditioning. Be very conservative  in the renovation costs as these renovations will definitely be valued at a fraction of the cost you are going to incur when purchasing them than when you are selling them.