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Starting Price: 95 Lacs
Size: 1874 Sq. Ft.

What is Group Home Bookings?

Property Master has come up with a unique concept of the Group Home Booking through which numerous people wish to purchase similar kind of properties at the same time. It is a process in which a number of people, related or unrelated, come together to form a group for the purpose of buying the units of a project at highly discounted prices. It binds the purchasing ability of the group to get the lowermost possible rates under any kind of property purchase.

Why Group Home Bookings?

When many people come together to buy the same property at one place, they allow the seller to sell in a bulk which helps seller to offer his products at much lesser prices.

Groups have a great power. When a group of investors or buyers meets a builder, the impact is altogether different from that of the individual buyer. By joining the group, customers get a common platform to form the groups and have the bargaining advantage from the builder. The Group Home Booking scheme of Property Master has been a conceived as the transparent platform of facilitating the group bookings for the benefit of both the developers and the users. It is an effective way of meeting requirements of the customers who are looking to get more discounts on properties, over and above the ones which are already being offered by the market. Similarly, it is also beneficial for the developers who want to affect fast sale of a number of properties, in one go.


How does it work?

Group Home Booking is a process of home bookings through which bulk of people, known or unknown to each other,can join together at one place who want to buy a fresh property for them. They can come, join and register themselves into the group openly. Once ‘Group Booking’ gets completed with its target of total number of buyers, the bookings will be closed. The scheme will be time bound and remaining time period will be shown to the users by an online, reverse-counting clock. Eventually, entire group will be eligible to get a good discount on BSP of the property and that is how we will provide you property at lower rates as compare with market price. Hence you can get extra advantage on your property transaction while join the group.


1.  What Are Pre Negotiated Deals?
Answer - Group Home Bookingassurances the developer about a definite number of buyers who will buy through a group that was designed on the website so that the developer deals a group reduced rate for the property.
2.  What If Ample People Don’t Join a Group within a Certain Time Period Will the Deal Still be Active?
Answer - The deals which are Live are essentially pre-negotiated deals where we have already guaranteed the developer about a particular group size. So the deal will remain Live regardless of the number of people who join the group.
3.  Who Chooses the Size of the Group?
Answer-Group Home Booking and the developer choose on the size of group depending on the location, timeline and request of the project.
4.  If person says, “I am an Individual and Don’t Have a Group, Can I Still Contribute”?
Answer- Yes. In fact, Group Home Booking is the only podium which supports individual like- minded people to create their own groups and gets more members to join the group.
5.  Do I Need To Pay Something To Join A Group?
Answer - No. You don’t have to pay anything to become a group member.
6.  What will happen if the mandatory number of purchasers is not received, then what will happen to those who have statedcuriosity for a specific project?
Answer - If the essential number of purchasers is not existent on a particular group then it is upto the judgment of the builder/developer if he would like to receive your proposal.

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