Greater Faridabad – Master Road Development

Master Road in Greater Faridabad is expected to be completed by the month of December in 2013. The construction work was going at full pace since inception but suddenly due to heavy rains in last days the rapidity of work got slower than before however Huda officers state that the construction work of 39 kms. long road will be completed by the month of December. In the beginning, there was a deadline till September 2013 for the completion of 29 kms. master road but later on 10 kms. Length was increased and consequently time line for the completion of the project was also extended to next two months (December).

To connect Developing Greater Faridabad area in Neharpar area with other sectors there is a proposal of 39 km. long master road. The construction work was started for this 293 crores project in April 2012. Because of having difficulties in land acquisitions at that time the road was decided to be constructed of only 29 kms. Huda gave the deadline till September month for this road and when we see the current status of the road we find Huda has completed 20 kms. road successfully as of now. According to officers, black carpet has been stretched over the 20 kms. road. Rest of the construction work will be completed in next 15 days. Huda has successfully got the acquisition for master road and the deadline has been increased till December 2013. So, officers of Huda have clearly stated that they will be able to complete the construction work of 39 kms. master road by December, 2013.

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