Increasing Need of Green Homes in India

Real estate development across the world gets remarkable increases specially youth in emerging countries are imposing immense pressure on the environment and its natural resources. With such kind of rapid development, there are some prominent factors are on stake for instance availability of energy and environmental sustainability. After research, we find real estate is one of the biggest contributors to global warming as it spreads out widespread pollution during the construction process.

In such scenario, green housing and eco-friendly homes are highly appreciated as they are utilized to minimize the opposing impact of construction and such green surrounding help endorsing healthier living for people. It has been proved that living in conservativehomes has not been working favourable to residents, either it’s a matter of living standards or the cost of excessive energy consumption. Green constructions not only enhance the quality of life but also reduce the cost of living, as these buildings compriseexpressivelylesserfeeding of energy, water and other resources.

The generaladvantages of green buildings depend on the degree to which defensiblestructures are included during the early planning and design. Because of the collectivecuriosity in the conception by home buyers, many developers have started sponsoring projects under the category of eco-friendly homes. It is important for developer to attain the certification from the green rating systems (GRIHA) followed in India.

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How Real Estate Investment Offers You Best Returns

Real estate remains to be one of the most preferred investment ways. One common cause of desirability is apparently enormous returns in real estate. Many investors use Mutual funds as a stepping stone. But usually it happens, once people reach at some good amount they again prefer to invest in yet another real estate.

Different people has different perspectives as some people feel good investing at some physical asset or something which they can touch let’s say a home as they are aware of the worst period of stock market and they find its better to invest in real estate while other get involved in investing in share market. So, every investor is on a different phase of learning curve. At times, you need to take risk or change as you may get far better returns after having experience of something new. Some people learn by observation and some people learn only by experience.

One should make anobjectivecentred investment that is profitable and flexible too. Once you for real estate investment, you need to pay only 20% from yoursavings and rest of the payment is done by banks by doing so you can have really luxury home even after paying a nominal amount. For instance, if you buy property of 2 Cr. Initially you need to pay 40 lakhs only and after 5 years’ time or so you will be able to sell off your property at 2.4 cr. This is how, you find it such a great investment even after having a least amount in your hand.

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Which Property Suits you the Most Among Plots Flats and Villas

When you finally decide to purchase your home, you might have lots of queries in your mind like whether you should invest in a plot, villa or flat. Apart from monetary determinants, there are many other factors that add to the obsession of each of these options. There are pros and cons of plots, villas and apartments that make difference in our choice and suitability. Nothing can be compared with the satisfaction after having home of our choice and at our favorite location. Let’s say plots are one of the most flexible options that give us chance to build our home in our own way. After buying plots, you have the freedom to build extra floors, modify the interiors and exteriors according to the latest trend and the area later if you want more space then you can avail more as per your need.

If we compare plots with flats we find the rate of return is greater as of the difference of demand-supply and the supply of plots is lesser as contrast to that of flats. A large portion of the residential buyers in India have a preference of flats over plots. The main reason being large numbers of options are available for apartments and lesser initial investment required. If you go for flats or apartments you get various extra benefits in the form of benefits such as swimming pool, club house, landscaped gardens, gymnasium, play area for kids, sporting centers such as badminton court, tennis court and basket ball court etc. On the other hand, there is another amazing option of villas that gives us combined benefits of plots and flats. The independent houses give us great freedom but without the headache of huge investment, efforts and time for construction.  These complexes offer common facilities as well as private amenities such as terrace gardens. Hence, we have all types of properties have their own benefits and drawbacks. To get the maximum benefits and best deal, you will come to know about the best deal.

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Essential Things to Know Before Investing in a Luxury Apartment

The moment reasonable and mid-segment group housing market was observing a descending trend among 2011 and 2013, lavish realty was moving on a speedy lane. India witnessed Rs. 10,000 crore worth of premium houses launched across the country in 2012-13. More, prior to investing, one must understand the calculation of carpet area, built-up area and super built-up area. Carpet area is the area that comes up within the walls of the apartment, built-up area is an addition of carpet area and area occupied by the walls, super built-up area is a sum of carpet area, built-up area and common areas while ensuring that the apartment has sufficient carpet area. However, there are some more specific aspects that need to be checked.

Is the property away from any dispute – Most of the times luxury projects are caught by arguments. At times, there are there are delays in projects. You must check if the builder has given all the necessary approvals before going for an agreement. Further, you must check if the building plan is made as per the local authority. There should not be any conflict in construction plan according to government.

In House Facilities- You need to check the sufficient storage area and appropriate sizesof bedrooms and dining area. Having a double ceiling apartment would be most suitable if it is on top floor. Quality of sanitary and wooden work in doors and windows matters a lot.

Architectural Intensity- It is quite obvious that developers give high-end quality in luxury apartments. Go for a reputed builder. You will deserve pleasant sight that will allow you enjoy the beauty of nature. You will have lovely outdoor space, park, swimming pool. Interiors of apartments should allow sunlight to enter in home recently.

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How to Make Property Buying a Wise Decision

In today’s time buying property is not a very complex task as with the advancement of information technology we can get any kind of real estate information regarding buying or selling the properties through various property portals. You can easily get the current happenings of real estate market through internet. Famous real estate website like provides you information about running and upcoming residential and commercial projects in Greater Faridabad, Gurgaon, Bhiwadi and Sohna. More, you will be having best consultation and market updates about buying and selling. However, apart from property’s size, layout, price details, there are some more prominent factors that need to be considered before deciding on buying a property. These factors are listed below:

Inspection of the location of property is one of the most prominent jobs while looking for a property. You should do a though check about the safety of the residents, neighborhood and nearby facilities like shopping complexes, hospitals, schools etc. So, it is recommended to narrow down specific locations where you want to reside in. That way you will be able to simplify the options. More, you should visit the place twice in a day to understand the environment of morning and evening’s time.  By doing so, you will get to know the status of day’s sunlight in the home and crowd in the evening around the home. You will have the exact picture of your living feel at your home. You must check the proper ventilation in the home. Interacting with neighbors is important to have the experience of living in the specific area.

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Real Estate Agent Helps to Get the Profitable deal

With the success of real estate industry, the importance and demand of real estate agents are increasing among the investors who are seeking best real estate solutions. The need of a real estate expert is a need of today since people who are unaware about the property market would be curious to know about current and future situation of the property market and upcoming scope of developments. At times, people wonder why there is that much need of a real estate agent rather than trying to find out a suitable property or selling out their house on their own. However, the fact is that the real estate agents work as a mode of inside information and other aspects too.

Real estate agents play a role of middlemen having familiarity and knowledge in property market as you do not need to be anxious about any phase whether it is a matter of buying, selling, leasing or re selling. You would get the best advice and you will be provided the best options for you. More, they have a strong network of renowned developers and reliable contractors that help them finding you the best realty solutions within your budget area.

While it comes to finalizing the deal, you may not have the good negotiating skills as you do not have the thorough knowledge of property market and other various aspects. On the other hand they are expert in negotiating as they have broad ranging knowledge of exact rates of the local market and they have good relations with the builders also. Hence, it would be best for you if you hire a real estate agent to get the profitable deal.

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Real Estate Sectors Rises with the Development of IT industry in India

Real estate activities in our country have increased at great pace from last one decade. And the increase of various industries and new sectors has pushed the residential and commercial real estate demands in major parts of the country.

Information technology is one such sector that has played a major role in the growth of India’s real estate sector. At present, IT sector has pushed the real estate demand and supply and it has become one of the largest employers of people from graduates to MBA and engineers as it has been one of the sunrise industries in the last 15 years the reimbursement package has been reasonably good. This has extravagant the standard of living and impacted the real estate industry certainly.

Hence, IT cities see high reality demand and supply? The price rise of anywhere between 10-15 per cent based on local demands and supply and quality of infrastructure. While advertising the end users and investors consider that real estate is a long term play that one needs to keep investing for reasonable span of time. Some of the major IT cities such as Pune, Bangalore, Bhuvneshwar, Chennai and many more offers the future investment decision will be worth allowing for.

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Perky Facilities Provided by Group Housing Societies in Greater Faridabad

Present day group housing society’s projects present lavish and clemency to its residents. The developers would like to offer all the modern-day living style and all the lavishness such as recreational activities, healthy living and improved imaginative demand. Almost all the contemporary housing societies are identified in a very big area where all the features and facilities are given to the residents smoothly.

All the relaxation landscapes are provided within the boundaries of the society so as to inhabitants can enjoy their daily life completely within a short span. These cultures are coming under recently developed area, that is the reason they are provided with all the progressive possessions where all the requirements of daily life can be achievable within the society for their stimulating necessities. Therefore, which humorous facilities are presented to the inhabitants in contemporary societies? Parks and gardens are the most obvious feature which is provided to the residents.

Properly conserved green areas which are concise and transformed give the sensual desire and pleasure. Parks, gardens and open green area is amazing which is used by all age group of people from children to old aged like play area for children and other sports and physical activities, walks and jogging or sitting on bench for youth and old aged people. For youngsters, there is a separate donation given to play in a separated park. On the other hand, there would be another swanky provision for different abundant activities, indoors and outdoors like entirely armed gymnasium, badminton and tennis courts etc. Sports are the most valued activity which is done by kids and adults both to keep them vigorous and passionate.

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High-Rise Residential Projects attract the most to Residents of Delhi NCR

Real estate market in Delhi NCR market is having world-class residential buildings in today’s time and this is going to capture all the residential area very soon. This concept of dwelling in high-rise buildings was taken by Dubai. Several top notch builders like Puri Constructions, Vatika, DLF, IREO, M3M, Raheja Developers, Omaxe, RPS, Savana, Ansal, CHD, Unitech, Vipul and many more. These developers have come up with various high-end constructions and huge integrated group housing societies.

When we look around in NCR area either its Gurgaon, Sohna, Greater Faridabad or Noida, the trend of high-rise towers have been taken a reputed space. High-income segment to low-income segment people are pretty much interested in buying apartments or flats. There are several reasons and benefits behind choosing high-rise residential buildings. Preferences have been changed gradually over the past few years. For instance going higher leaves more space within complex that can be used for landscaping and leisure purposes. Most of the high-income costumers are willing to invest here because of good ventilation and proper lighting, 360 degree view and fresh atmosphere. On the top of it, they are blessed with various modern-day amenities such as car parking, club house, swimming pool, huge beautiful green area, STP Plants, huge landscape areas, jogging and walking track and a lot more. Residents of this project can have the double advantages of relishing the scenic beauty of the area while living in flats that have international-class facilities and lifestyle features.

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Mid Segment Buyers Finds Greater Faridabad a Right place for Property Investment

It is a well-known fact that Faridabad has been passing through a rigid competition with the progressing residential areas of the National Capital Region (NCR). The city has got the high appreciations from the real estate gurus, developers, financers and buyers. Since having numerous affordable housing options, Greater Faridabad also named by Neharpar area which has grown-up with rapid promising opportunities as the favorite destination for middle-class purchasers.

Greater Faridabad offers great optimistic growth opportunities, quick connectivity, better infrastructure and other parts of Delhi NCR area. This rapid growing Neharpar area of Faridabad is transforming the old industrial town of Faridabad to a newly modern-day designed residential area.

A number of infrastructure projects are going to near completion and these will give a conversion to the Greater Faridabad area. It was integrated in the city’s master plan in 2004.  A very good residential growth can simply be expected in a long run in the region. Delhi and other suburbs in the NCR like Gurgaon, Noida and Ghaziabad, is well-connected with Greater Faridabad area. The area is now enough able to give good returns to investors and the rate of return is likely to increase over the time as it is still under development area and it would start raising the rate of return in near future. Hence, Greater Faridabad is the area of future and you are recommended to wait and see the good appreciations in coming years. Hence, don’t worry, your investment is safe and it seems to be the right place to invest as area is quite affordable possessing good connectivity with Delhi NCR.

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