The Gurgaon Story- A Reflection of Development of the Country

Gurgaon city scarcely existed two decades ago. Over the time, the city Gurgaon grew up and expanded its boundaries. There are various new upcoming sectors in Gurgaon includes the region surrounding the under-construction Dwarka-Gurgaon expressway.  Most of areas are approved for group housing projects and some of them are approved for commercial projects that are also approved for development.

The next development hub includes sectors-102 to 113 in New Gurgaon and sectors 76 to 95 along the NH-8 connecting Gurgaon to Manesar. These all sectors were originally intended as an affordable and mi-income segment. Today, Gurgaon is one of the India’s fastest growing districts that have expanded more than 70 percent during the past decade to more than 1.5 million people. The city accounts for almost half of all revenues for its state.

Gurgaon had been marked as Millennium city as generic price rise of between 15-20 percent dampened demand with price sensitive buyers. When it comes to commercial developments that are expected good demand levels, we find thousands of newly launched projects here in Gurgaon.  Sector-114 which lies near proposed Dwarka Expressway, designated for commercial use.  Especially in Golf course road and National Highway-8 location where connectivity is amazing. Some of the sectors like sector-76 to 95 are selling at lower price points in comparision with NH-8 or Dwarka Expressway precinct. Connectivity to these areas is expected to improve further with the improvement of the Norhern Peripheral road and the major sector roads.

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Faridabad: Immense Extent for Realty Development

In terms of intended urban growth in Faridabad city, the infrastructure development in the city is higher after the real estate potential of an area has been fully increased. It is a well known fact that Faridabad has been an industrial hub of Haryana and it is considered to be the best bet for safe living in the NCR region. With improving infrastructure, Faridabad has been converted into a successful economic warehouse and according to latest studies, the city has become the city of the decade 2011-21.

Faridabad city is now promising as the most preferred city for investors as there is a vast viewpoint of economic boom here. The real estate boom has changed the skyline of Faridabad in the last few years, both in residential and commercial segment. Well connectivity and proximity to Delhi along with some more development plans from the Haryana Government may be considered as the prime factors for the economic development we can see all around the city.

Some of the major Faridabad development includes Badarpur border flyover, Metro station at Badarpur that is to be extended up to YMCA chowk by 2014, Bypass road along canal up to border to be widened, work is going on, Faridabad-Gurgaon road has been widened, Peripheral or FNG expressway connecting to Noida, Ghaziabad proposed, Industrial Model Township on lined of Manesar proposed, HUDA to provide infrastructure like roads, lights and sewage system and a lot more. The proposed metro link and modernization of Mathura road will add the prospect.

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Bhiwadi: Promises Best Investment for Middle Class

Bhiwadi comes in NH-8, the Delhi-Jaipur highway. The project comes in close proximity to Gurgaon and it is well known by the name of Gateway of Rajasthan. Bhiwadi is one of the emerging real estate destinations in NCR region. This city is emerging as on the largest industrial hub of entire NCR region. Many of the renowned names in real estate have come up with numerous projects. This town is a fast developing tier-II city, Bhiwadi has come up as the most gainful and reasonably priced locality for real estate investors and buyers.

Bhiwadi possesses excellent connectivity with eight lanes NH-8 through Dharuhera- Bhiwadi bypass road. You will find many of the major destinations such as international airport, Alwar. This place is 55 kms away from Delhi, 40 kms. from Gurgaon and 60 kms. from Faridabad. More, this area will also be connected with the upcoming Kundali-Manesar-Palwal expressway which will likely to promise better infrastructure according to Gurgaon-Manesar master plan.

Apart from this, there are many more projects of development for instance the development that started along NH-8 in Gurgaon that spreads to Manesar, Dharuhera and now Bhiwadi is likely to go upto Alwar. We feel the city gives true value to the investors and buyers. The infrastructure developments in the city will promise to provide good increase in plotted developments and group housing societies, good employment opportunities, good connectivity at quite affordable prices, a better standard of living and great connectivity with affordable price segment. Thus, you will be able to benefit better facilities at affordable prices that would reach of the middle-class people who wish to reside within the NCR region.

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Property Prices may Increase with Removal of Toll Plaza in Gurgaon

After the elimination of toll plaza, Gurgaon allows traffic to have more speed now. Some of the most expert people in real estate industry state that improved activity in the real estate market and prices in Gurgaon could observe a growth of about 10 to 20%.

Once the toll is gone, Gurgaon has reached in close proximity to Delhi. If we see from living and investment purpose, Gurgaon properties are available to offer more benefits from the toll removal and the effect is already showing up. Property prices have increased at fast pace as well as the removal of toll plaza brings main release for daily commuters among Delhi and Gurgaon.  You will find the enhanced connectivity that ensures a hassle-free commute. It will also increase the value of Gurgaon’s infrastructure. Gurgaon is a place which has emerged as a worldwide city in terms of development and it has a great scope for future growth.

We have some renowned locations of Gurgaon real estate that would be most benefitted by the toll elimination include Ambience Island, Udyog Vihar, DLF Phaze II and Phase III etc. These all locations are placed in close proximity to Delhi, would now be seen as Delhi’s wing. Consequently, prices would increase and also it would help increase the demand. There are several properties that have not been moving since last many years but now such kind of properties are showing positive results and increasing at faster pace. We can expect optimistic response in buying, selling, investing and re-investing in all those properties that are inactive over the last year or more.

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Emerging commercial realty in Delhi NCR Area

With improved infrastructure and forthcoming fast pace connectivity, commercial real estate is emerging in Delhi NCR area. Since the rental and capital values in the cities like Gurgaon and Noida have increased, these two commercial hubs of Delhi NCR are likely to enlarge softly in spite of the unsure economic scenario and slow integration rate.

In today’s time, there are multiple renowned developers have come up with great commercial developments. Some of the main developers are DLF, Vatika, Omaxe, Vardhman, Parsvnath and many more. In comparison with other years the transactions rate is quite high. There is absolutely no doubt that commercial transaction especially in metro cities. We can name office spaces, IT Parks, a biotech city, a cyber city, amusement malls, corporate parks, commercial and shopping malls, corporate buildings and many more.

We can expect a good time to invest in commercial real estate of Delhi NCR area since there has been evolving realty market in Delhi NCR region because of huge growth in terms of population and infrastructure. Infrastructure developments include augmentation of water supply, improvement of the sewage system, construction of a railway bridge, upgrade of power units, connectivity to main junctions of Delhi NCR area is no more a big deal now.

Now, it is being said that Gurgaon, Sohna, Faridabad and Noida have become a hub of educational sector, IT and corporate world where numerous multinational companies have been established successfully.  These places are blessed places where multiple new industries, offices and shopping centers are coming up enormously. Developers are lining up lavish and budget hotels, resorts, hospitals and many more.

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Sohna Improves- Gets the lavish image from Gurgaon

Sohna is no longer a poor neighbour of Gurgaon since this place is now the hottest destination after MG road.  The enormous developments in residential and commercial sectors have covered Sohna town that leads to property price appreciation in coming future. Real estate market has shown commendable price rises from last decade as we could get the property at just Rs. 3000 per sq. yrd. that time there but now the same piece of land is available at Rs. 40,000 per sq. yrd.

Once you drive down on Sohna road, there are few appealing structures on both sides of roads that include international university, lavish shopping malls, reputed hospitals, health care centers, renowned schools, high rise residential buildings and corporate towers etc. Most of the new residential apartments and other projects have reached near completion.

Though, people do not find the roads in best conditions here at present however the work of developments are going at fast pace. Some of the people expect a government collage, major hospitals and other institutes here. More, some people want Sohna to be developed as Gurgaon. But on the other hand, everyone knows Gurgaon is also a most expensive place of NCR region that cannot be affordable by every middle class segment. A common can’t afford the rich life style of Gurgaon or Delhi. In such scenario, Sohna is the most suitable area which is adjourned with Gurgaon that provides almost same location benefits, equipped with same kind of modern-day infrastructure and lavishness that makes this place truly amazing. More, you will be blessed with great connectivity from Delhi and Gurgaon.

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Delhi NCR Real Estate Possesses Affordable and Non-affordable Housing Projects

There has been big shortage of housing in our country, particularly when it comes to affordable housing category. Though the opportunity exists, it is not easy for developers to break the market. There are certain challenges in front of developers. Affordable housing is basically a volume game because building affordable housing projects need a huge piece of land that is not very easily available. Developers have fewer choices to acquire land on city periphery to keep prices down.

On the other hand, infrastructure developments like roads and public transport system are often not sufficiently developed, which make the developments disagreeable to lower-income citizens. By seeing all this Ministry of housing has drafted a policy which has been sent to the states for their feedback. According to this policy, these households will be offered to those who have an annual income of up to Rs. 2 lakh to apply for subsidized residences.

When it comes to other category of homes such as multi-storey apartments, flats, villas and plots launched by most renowned developers of the country, where the infrastructure has been hit by growing inputs and delayed approvals, asset prices for housing real estate have recovered and developed over the past two years. As per analysis, 2013 was the lowest year in past nine years of real estate industry. Some of the most emerging corridors in or around NCR that are currently quite appropriate for residential investment include Sohna city that has lowest prices with maximum developments in near future and benefits from proximity to Gurgaon and KMP expressway. Next Faridabad city which is a gold mine of today, having fast infrastructure development and affordable prices, the city is likely to get fast growth. Then, NH-24 and Yamuna Expressway have cheapest residential apartments in NCR.

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Developers Enforce Green Surrounding in Housing Projects

Rapidly increasing population and transformation has become a huge cause for enormous construction of infrastructural property all across the country. The more development people will find in metropolitan cities more speedily they will migrate in these cities. Since the cities are expanding at wider level, the residential sectors and transportation facility need to be extended. On the top of it, since these cities are having corporate industries at larger scale, people are more attracted and want to settle down here forever. 

Real estate operations have become crucial challenge for multiple sectors to conserve the natural world as well as real estate industry. Maintaining the natural balance on the top of the priority would help keep healthy balance of business development and supporting sustainable living which is growing up rapidly in the current times. It is quite obvious that having green around us provides us better living as well as it makes us able to breathe in fresh and healthy atmosphere. If you are expecting your home in a pollution free green environment, it would help you giving a safe and pure region around you.

Since we all know growing population increases the natural resources and climate gets impacted eventually. That is why it is quite important for all of us to keep the balance between growing population and eco-friendly environment. So, taking into considerations all such liabilities of us, we should maintain the greenery as much as possible beside the constructions of the project so that life can be made full of life and pleasant. So, seeing all such facts, almost all the developers in group housing societies in NCR region promising green atmosphere in the surrounding of their residential projects including high rise, mid rise and low rise buildings and commercial sectors as well.

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Property Values Rise in Some Specific Sectors of Gurgaon

When we go five years back in Gurgaon, most of the residential projects were launched at very less prices as compare to surrounding areas.  For instance sector-81 to 84 that are located nearby National Highway-8 have been found most appreciated sectors in Gurgaon over the last two years. The projects were launched in those locations at Rs. 3000 to 4000 per sq. ft. individually. All these sectors offer seamless connectivity to the NH-8 and Delhi.

Some of the most premium developers who have the presence in these sectors- 81 to 84 that include DLF, Vatika Homes, Universal Group, Spaze, Aplha G Corp, Mapsko and Antrikesh etc. These residential projects have been offered with a wide range of apartments, plotted developments and builder floors. Demands of such developments have been driven by investors and end-users both. They can expect a very good deal because the launch prices of the projects were very low. Over the time, multiple end users have entered the market in an extensive way.

When it comes to infrastructural development in these areas, sector-82 has a well laid network of internal roads and developed infrastructure. Infact, most of the residential projects in this location garners the demand from end-user’s side. On the other hand, if we see sector-92 which are the most affordable sectors of Gurgaon has got near about 60 percent appreciation in the last two years. This sector is having well-connectivity to NH-8 and Pataudi road and it is having close proximity to Delhi metro. This area is also having close proximity to Industrial model town and KMP expressway that are likely to offer additional advantages to the residents of this sector.

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How Property Market is connected with Polls?

2012 and 2013 were not the finest years for the Indian real estate industry and all the asset curriculums were impacted by the slow down, apart from few buckets. At present, the real estate sector is holding its breath for the probable optimism that is expected once the results of 2014 general elections are out. The hope for positive results is probable to enhance business and raise homebuyer emotions.

Developers are in quite positive state of mind for post-poll situation. Will things will be good after elections? Will new government lead to industry investing? Real estate market in our country is a major election financier and substantial amounts of unaccounted money are being pushed out from the real estate market to finance the elections.

It has been observed some particular properties are sold out less than market rates to increase cash for the election movements. Election outcomes do not produce or smash a realty market, but they do influence market emotions to a noteworthy extent. The Reserve bank will play the key role in the post poll circumstances bringing interest rates down for residential buying or reintroduce subvention scheme or restructuring debt rates for debt taker developers. More, RBI will decide whether to make loan rates lesser to give easiness for maximum people to qualify for a loan.

However, the actual impact of any kind of changes will not reflect in the economy for at least another one year and we can say the actual effectiveness of any new initiative is something which can be shown by the future only.

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