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About Property Master

Property Master is leading Real Estate Company. We have been struggling hard since years with an ambition of bestowing an excellent range of real estate solution to our esteemed clients. As a renowned real estate agent, we try our level best to gain extreme client satisfaction by offering quality property developing services to our clients. With past 3 years of domain experience we are capable to customize our real estate services as per the need and demand of our clients. By offering quality real estate developing services at highly affordable prices we have become an ideal choice of our clients.
We have reached top notch position in real estate industry by offering quality and performance oriented services to our clients. We at Property Master believe in serving the clients with the core of satisfaction and leave them to come back to us for the similar capacity of service in the best possible manner. We have a long list of satisfied clients who are still with us for long time, it is only the service which has kept all the clients with us for this long time.

Vision and Values

Our journey toward this customer-centric vision has required hard work, persistence and determination. We have made steady progress toward this goal. But we still have much to learn, teach and share and, as always, more of our customers’ real estate needs to satisfy.Our vision has nothing to do with transactions, pushing products or getting bigger for the sake of bigness. It’s about building lifelong relationships with our only policy ‘one customer at a time’. Our values should anchor every product and service we provide and every channel we operate. We value and support our people as a competitive advantage. We always try to understand what is best for our clients? Identify their choice and need, and then put our full efforts providing them as good as possible consequently.

Mission Statement:

The Company will continue to obtain and grow excellence properties founded on accurate standards for its own investment associates. Property Master Real Estate is an original, pioneering and people-oriented organization offering individual opportunity, individual contentment and rewarding challenges to all members of the firm.  Property Master pursues to make the process of selling home a relief for clients, offering them such a great service that all of their fears related with the process will vanish. Preferably, the ideas and process of how our clients are treated at our company will be on high priority so that the reach of company’s impression goes well beyond its extent.


Our company firmly follows the maxim of attaining 100% customer satisfaction. For this, we follow ethical work principles and maintain maximum transparency in each area of our functioning.  We believe trust factor is at the core of our company. For constant improvement of a company, the leader of an organization must be open to new ideas as well as contribute the opinions and feedback from both customers and team members and such things let our company continue to grow.

Our Infrastructure:

We have all the infrastructural set up including well-furnished and equipped offices, a team of 50 experienced property professionals and a customer service department that can answer all queries to your complete satisfaction.

Our Work Philosophy:

Ever since our inception, we have set out with a clear work philosophy and the same percolates down to each and every member of our organization.

About Directors

Mr. Paras Rai- Director

With a Twelve Years of diversified experience in the Real Estate Business Development, Mr Paras Rai heads the whole gamut of business development functions at Property Master. Prior to founding Property Master, Mr Rai is managing the national, multicultural marketing and business growth strategies for renowned developers of the country.
Mr. Rai oversees the conceptualization, development and management of new real estate products and services for Property Master. A leader in his own right, he comes off as a down-to-earth man of pleasing personality and continues to guide and effectively lead the team at Property Master..

Mr. Goldi Arora- Director

A finance professional with a Twelve years of long rich experience in real estate, private equity, and consulting areas in Delhi-NCR. His functional areas of experience are spread across the value chain of the real estate development industry. Over the past 6 years, Mr. Arora has managed multiple real-estate development projects in Faridabad with reputed developers.
He has also been instrumental in materialising joint ventures and providing financial investments in various capacities both at the project and the company levels.